Do I need a permission number?

You may need permission numbers if:

  1. You took the prerequisite at another university, and we had to fill out paperwork to make it count toward your SSU CS degree.
  2. You passed the prerequisite on the third (or later) attempt.
  3. You took the prerequisite at both SSU and at another institution.
  4. You got a D or F in CS 115, 215, or 315 in a prior semester, and you want to re-take that course (see this FAQ on repeats for details).
  5. You haven't taken the prerequisite yet, but you're planning to over the break.

If you're in categories 1, 2, 3, or 4, we should have auto-generated permission numbers for all the classes you're eligible to take. Please use the link below to confirm that you have permission numbers for these classes, and let the department chair know as soon as possible if you think any are missing.

If you're in category 5, please contact your advisor and have them request permission numbers from the chair. Those should be available using the same link within 1 business day of your advisor's request.

See this FAQ for details on retrieving permission numbers. You should retrieve permission numbers before you register and use them when you add the course to your shopping cart. Otherwise, you might "burn" your permission number and need to contact us for a new one.