The Sonoma State University Philosophy Club is proud to announce the Philosophy Open Lecture Series for spring 2008. Our first discussion tract is entitled Digital Being, with lectures covering the transformation of humanity through information technology. We have invited cutting edge thinkers who will discuss and critique our evolving digital life. All talks will be held in the University Art gallery. Reception and refreshments from 4:30-5:00 talk from 5:00-6:00 PM. These lectures are free open to everyone.

Wednesday February 27 2008, Web 2.0 and its Discontents, David Singer, IBM Distinguished Engineer. Dr. Singer will critique the notion of community engendered by web 2.0 applications such as FaceBook, MySpace and Second Life. David Singer is a noted technologist with may years experience designing and developing software and technology in Silicon Valley. Join us for this lively discussion where we will learn the values and vices of a digital life from someone who has been lving one from the early stages of the development of these technologies.

Monday April 7 2008, The LifeBox, Dr. Rudy Rucker, Noted Author, Mathematician, Programmer and Life Hacker. Dr. Rucker is one of the original Cyberpunk authors and his prescient imagination never ceases to amaze. He has written numerous fiction and nonfiction works detailing the deep philosophical foundations of mathematics, artificial life, Artificial Intelligence, future technology and the meaning of life. Dr. Rucker will discuss his radical views on the future relationship between humanity and technology.

Monday April 28 2008, Transhumanity The Melding AI and Humans, Stephan Vladimir Bugaj, Pixar, Freelance Transhuman Philosopher. Stephan will discuss his work in the use of artificial intelligence to augment human intellect. The ethical and metaphysical issues that the prospect of this future technology raises will be discussed.