Fall 2018 Registration Announcements

The latest versions of our Fall 2018 schedules are here:

Please see this important note about permission numbers.

Registration appointments and advising (posted 4/9/18)

Initial registration appointments for Fall 2018 will be April 23-27. You can view your appointment time by logging into MySSU and clicking on "Student Center," where it should be listed at the right. Most CS and GE classes will fill completely, so you should plan to register at the beginning of your appointment to maximize your chances of getting the courses you need.

The name of your academic advisor appears in the MySSU Student Center, at the bottom right. Please identify your CS advisor and contact him/her for an appointment. If you don't have a CS advisor listed, please email me and let me know. For faculty contact info and office hours, see

CS electives (posted 4/9/18)

We are offering three 3-unit electives and two 1-unit electives in the fall.

3 units:

  • Human-Computer Interaction (CS 385-001), taught by Dr. Anamary Leal
    Prerequisite: C- or better in CS 215
  • Cloud Systems Architecture (CS 385-002), taught by Prof. Jorge Cabrera Mora
    Prerequisite: C- or better in CS 315
  • Artificial Intelligence (CS 480), taught by Dr. Ravikumar
    Prerequisite: C- or better in CS 315

1 unit:

  • Computing Professions (CS 385-003), taught by Dr. Suzanne Rivoire
    Prerequisite: C- or better in CS 215
  • Computer Science Colloquium (CS 390), taught by Dr. Suzanne Rivoire
    No prerequisite

Prerequisite enforcement and permission numbers (posted 4/9/18)

A grade of C- or better is required for any course that is a prerequisite to a CS course. Even though MySSU enforces prerequisite requirements, it doesn’t take this grade requirement into consideration when you register. As a result, it may allow you to enroll in a course even when you haven’t fulfilled its grade requisite. Please know that we identify these cases before the semester begins, and we administratively drop students who are in violation of this policy.

In addition, you are able to enroll in courses whose prerequisite(s) you are currently taking this semester. After the grades are posted, students who do not complete these courses with a grade of C- or better will be administratively dropped from the Fall 2018 courses that require them as prerequisite(s).

You may need a permission number to enroll in certain courses. If you need a permission number because you transferred a prerequisite from another school, or because you passed the prerequisite on the third attempt, we already have permission numbers ready for you. Please use the permission number link at the top of this page to claim your permission numbers.

If you are planning to take a prerequisite course over the summer, you will need to email your advisor and ask for a permission number for the follow-on course. Before the start of next semester, we will check to make sure that all students have passed the prerequisites for their CS courses. If your Academic Requirements Report in MySSU does not show a green arrow for each of your relevant prerequisite courses at that time, you should be prepared to prove that you have met the prerequisite (for example, at a JC). Otherwise, you will be administratively dropped from the course at the beginning of the semester.

No-repeat restriction for CS 115 and 215 (posted 4/9/18)

In order to give as many people as possible a chance to take our courses, CS 115 and 215 are closed to repeat students until the morning of Monday, April 30. If you do need to repeat these courses, you will need to wait until then to enroll in them.

Waitlists (posted 4/9/18)

Please, please, please waitlist courses you need if you can't get in!! Spots do open up, and if the waitlist is very long, it can give me the evidence I need to request another section. I can't do anything to get you a course unless I know you're interested in taking it, and the waitlist is the easiest way for me to know that.

If you are waitlisted, however, you need to be sure that you will actually be able to move into a spot that opens up. Even if there is an open spot, you won’t get it if it would leave you with too many units or with a time conflict. I have seen students advance from #6 on the waitlist into an open spot because students #1-#5 had one of these issues that prevented them from claiming it. The waitlist SWAP feature is your friend here; see https://web.sonoma.edu/registration/records/waitlist.html.