CS101: Introduction to Computers and Computing
CS101: Introduction to Computers and Computing

PowerPoint Introduction, Take Fifth Lecture Exam, Take Excel Chapters 3 & 4 Exam, and Start PowerPoint Chapters 1&2 or Excel Chapters 5&6 Training

Lab Directions:

Part 1: Introduction to PowerPoint.
Your instructor will demonstrate how to use PowerPoint.  Your instructor will then explain how to use the provided PowerPoint training in SIMnet to prepare for the PowerPoint exam (or Excel Chapter 5&6 exam) which will be administered during your 12th lab meeting.

Part 2: Login to SIMnet and take Fifth Lecture Exam and the Excel Chapters 3 & 4 Exam.
Your instructor will now explain how to take today's required exams. You must take the Fifth Lecture Exam first. Today's exams are for a grade.  You must be in lab to take the exams.  Any exam score not associated with a student present in today's lab will be counted as a zero.  Your instructor will step you through the process of gaining access to the exams.  You only have one opportunity to take the exams.  If you exit an exam before finishing the exam you will not be able access the exam again.  Complete a whole exam before you exit the exam.  You have the remainder of lab to complete exams. You only have one lab session to complete all the exams due that day.

Part 3: Login to SIMnet and start to prepare for exam administered during your 11th lab meeting.
Your lab instructor should have explained the two different Office training options available for the remaining exams: Regular Office training or Advanced Excel training. You should have signed a sheet declaring which of the two paths you are declaring. If you have not done this yet contact your lab instructor immediately to rectify the situation.

If you signed up for Regular Office training below are directions on how to find the PowerPoint training needed for the next exam :

PowerPoint - Chapter 1 - Getting Started with PowerPoint 2016

PowerPoint - Chapter 2 - Adding Content to Slides

If you signed up for Advanced Excel training below are directions on how to find the Excel training needed for the next office exam:

Excel - Chapter 5 - Adding Charts and Analyzing Data

Excel - Chapter 6 - Exploring Advanced Functions

Part 4: Conclude lab by logging out of SIMnet and shutting down the computer.