CS101: Introduction to Computers and Computing
CS101: Introduction to Computers and Computing

To find the SIMBook training for the Excel Chapters 7&8 exam to be administered during your 13th lab meeting follow the steps below:

1) At the top of the SIMnet start page click on the Library link as shown by a red box below:

Cllick on Library

2) Click on the second textbook listed called Microsoft Office Excel A Skills Approach as shown below:

Click on the Excel Complete book

3) Click on the drop down menu currently displaying Office 2016 Overview and then select Excel 2016 as shown below: Select Excel 2016

4) Click one either:

Excel - Chapter 7 - Exploring Advanced Charts and Graphics

Excel - Chapter 8 - Exploring Advanced Data Analysis

to launch the SIMBook training as shown below:

Select Chapter 7 or 8

5) After selecting the desired Excel chapter click on the Launch button to begin your SIMBook training session.

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