CS101: Introduction to Computers and Computing
CS101: Introduction to Computers and Computing

Lab Evaluation, Take Final Exam, Take Access Chapter 1 & 2 Exam OR Advanced Excel Chapters 7 & 8 Exam, and Calculate CS101 Grade

Part 1: Complete lab evaluation.
Your instructor will initiate the lab evaluation process.  This is a chance to evaluate your CS101 lab experience and your lab instructor (you will get a separate evaluation for lecture).  You should have received an email from SSU to your SSU email account that has links that lead to web pages containing your CS101 lab evaluation. Please take the time now to login to your SSU email account and locate this email to fill out the evaluation. Filling out this evaluation will help us improve the lab component of CS101. (You can also fill-out your lecture evaluation if time allows.)

Part 2: Login to MyITLab and take the Final Exam and take Access Chapters 1 & 2 Exam OR Advanced Excel Chapters 7 & 8 Exam.
Your instructor will now explain how to take today's required exams. You must take the Final exam first. These exams are for a grade.  You must be in lab to take the exams.  Any exam score not associated with a student present in today's lab will be counted as a zero.  Your instructor will step you through the process of gaining access to the exams.  You only have one opportunity to take the exams.  If you exit an exam before finishing the exam you will not be able access the exam again.  Complete a whole exam before you exit the exam.  You have the remainder of lab to complete exams. You only have one lab session to complete all the exams due that day.

Part 3: Download CS101 grade spreadsheet and use to calculate current CS101 grade.
In a moment you will open an Excel spreadsheet.  This spreadsheet will allow you to calculate your CS101 grade.  To open the spreadsheet click on Open after clicking this link: CS101 Grade Sheet

Make sure to discuss any grading questions with your instructor before leaving lab.

After you have finished your Grade Sheet you can save a copy to the Desktop of the computer. Then attach this copy to an email addressed to yourself. You now have a way to check you were assigned the correct grade for CS101 once SSU posts this semesters grades online.