CS101: Introduction to Computers and Computing
CS101: Introduction to Computers and Computing

Programming Lab 1: Learning To Use Alice Programming Environment and Creating Methods

Part 1: Obtain grade sheet from instructor.
Your instructor will give you a grade sheet which you will need to fill in to complete today's lab.

Part 2: Boot into Ubuntu and setup computer for lab.
When you first start your computer it will be running the MacOS operating system and your screen will look like this:

Current Desktop

For our project we will be using the Ubuntu operating system running in a virtualization environment called VMware Fusion.  In a moment we will be starting the VMware Fusion software.  Once VMware Fusion starts running your screen will look like this:

Ubuntu in pause mode.

To unsuspend Ubuntu just click the white arrow in the middle of the screen. Once Ubuntu is
unsuspend then on the left side of the screen click on the Firefox web browser icon as shown below ...

Click the Firefox icon.

... and once the web browser is running reopen these directions.

To start the software running click on the dock icon called VMware Fusion shown below:

Fusion Icon

Once you have Ubuntu running and the lab directions opened in Firefox move the window containing the directions to the right side of the screen as shown below:

move directions to right side of screen

On the Launcher on the left side of the screen find the Alice icon as shown below and click once...

 alice icon

... to run Alice.

Once Alice starts running click Cancel as shown below to close the Welcome to Alice! dialog box:

click cancel

Move your mouse to the upper left corner of the screen to reveal the hidden Alice window buttons and click the resize button as shown below:

click the resize button

Select the Alice File menu > Open World... as shown below:

file menu open world

Click on the Tutorial tab shown below:

click the tutorial tab

Click on the Start the Tutorial button as shown below:

click on Start the tutorial button

As you complete the first three tutorials (Do NOT try the forth tutorial as is does not work correctly) make sure to answer the questions on your Grade Sheet.

Part 3: Use knowledge gained from Alice tutorials to create own Alice world that meets certain criteria.
Use the remaining lab time to create your own Alice world.  Make sure your Alice world contains all the features listed at the bottom of the grade sheet.

When your project meets the requirements listed on the bottom of the grade sheet call over your instructor so they can grade your project.

Part 4: Conclude lab by shutting down the computer and turning in your Grade Sheet.

To exit out of Ubuntu running in VMware Fusion and shut down the computer place your mouse at the top of the screen and wait until the VMware Fusion menus appear and then select Apple menu > Shut Down... as shown below...

Select shut down.

... and when the following dialog box appears select Shut Down as shown below:

Select Shut Down