CS101: Introduction to Computers and Computing
CS101: Introduction to Computers and Computing

IMPORTANT: What follows are the materials you need for class.  However, you can wait until the first discussion class (lecture) meets to start getting the needed materials, since you will have two weeks after the first discussion class meets to track down the items.

CS101 Require 2 Items Total:

  • Item 1) iClicker for iClicker response system. You should obtain an iClicker by the September 5th lecture. An iClicker is a remote used in a class participation system. All known iClicker remotes (iClicker, iClicker+, or iClicker2) would work with the system used in lecture so buy whichever one you can find cheapest. (iClicker Go software will NOT work due to network bandwidth restrictions.) The most basic current iClicker remote looks like this:
      • iclicker or any other iClicker remote will work.
  • Item 2) is a SIMnet Full Access code. It is used to gain access to an online Microsoft Office  training product and a computer concepts electronic textbook called 'Computer Essentials 2017 Complete'. The SIMnet Full Access code can be obtained from the one of the three sources listed below:
    • 1) You can buy directly from SIMnet for $90. 
      • You can do this during your second lab meeting.  You will need to use a credit card. 
    • 2) You can buy from SSU bookstore for $126.
    • 3) You can buy from Northern Light bookstore for $(usually about $9 cheaper then SSU bookstore).
      • If you buy from either Northern Lights or the SSU bookstore you will end up with a document that contains an area that can be scratched off to reveal an access code.  You just need to bring this access code to your second lab meeting.