Are there any particular rules for using CS Labs?

SSU students have cooperated to give us a long tradition of open computer labs. Most campuses require supervisors in their labs who enforce the lab rules. Please take personal responsibility for observing the rules yourself, and help us maintain the open lab tradition.


These are Computer Science Department labs, so these priorities are in force:

  1. CS Classes
  2. CS Students doing homework — Students doing work for Computer Science classes have first priority.
  3. CS students, just tinkering — Please don't play games if the lab is more than half full. Give up your computer to anyone who wants it, if you are playing games.

No Food or Drinks

Food and drinks are NOT permitted in the labs. Accidents happen, and we would rather spend our scarce budget on upgrades than on repairs.

No Sexually Explicit Pictures or Sounds

Please respect the rights of others.

Keep It Quiet

Do not play sounds so as to disturb other students. Use headphones when appropriate.

Don't Install Software

Don't install software on the hard disk. If you have an application that you feel would be valuable in the lab, tell the lab administrator. Adding software, particularly to the system, can disrupt the functioning of other software.

Files on the Disk

If you put a file on the disk, erase it. The labs are routinely 'swept' by software that will remove any files you try to hide in the lab. Do not erase files from the disk or move them on the desktop. If you do accidentally erase a file, please notify the lab administrator so that it can be restored.

Do NOT Steal Software

Assume that all applications on these computers are licensed, and that you may not copy them. If you wish to know whether a specific piece of software is in the public domain, please ask before you copy it.