What activities are allowed on blue?

You can use your account for anything you want, as long as it does not violate any laws, SSU policies, or cause problems. The system administrator is empowered to take actions to stop you, should you choose to ignore this rule. For minor problems, staff will send you an e-mail message asking you to stop. For major problems, your account could be turned off; you can appeal any such actions to the CS Department faculty.

What actions are 'causing problems'?

On all CS department computer systems, using another person's account (even with their permission) is prohibited. Furthermore, all of the following are considered to be inappropriate:

  • Harassing other computer users, at SSU or elsewhere.
  • Harassing SSU faculty, staff or students.
  • Interfering with other users by interrupting or impeding their use of the computer systems.
  • Violating other users' privacy.
  • Using excessive amounts of disk space.
  • Illegal activity (cracking into remote sites, sending chain letters, sending email threats, etc.).
  • Interfering with the normal operation of our computers by software actions (damaging the Operating System, system cracking, etc.) or by physical action (rebooting machines without approval).
  • Excessive use of IRC or running bots.

We will generally give you the benefit of the doubt, unless we feel you are intentionally causing problems. Extreme infractions can be dealt with by immediate account deactivation if the system administrator feels it warranted. Extreme violations may also result in SSU disciplinary proceedings.

Other behaviour may also qualify as causing problems. When in doubt, ask. Asking questions or for help is not harassing staff, it's part of their job.

You will be notified if the system administrator feels you are causing a problem. If you feel you are being treated unfairly by the system administrator, then send mail to the department chair explaining your position.